In Animalcity.es we believe that the most important is maintaining your confidence. That´s why our day by day effort is guarantee security and confidentiality of all data our clients provide and to improve the experience of buying for all our customers. Because in your low cost petshop aimalcity.es we are friends to the pet lovers. To make the process of buying easier we offer a simple guide about terms and conditions of the purchasing process, payment and shipment of our products.


This document constitutes a contract by which the relation between this compañy, animalcity.es (Parque Canino S.L. con CIF B93233583 y domicilio en Calle Horacio Quiroga, 27, nave 2, Área Comercial Valdició, 29004 Málaga) and the client, you, rules whilst buying products through this website.

We recommend to read this document with attention in order to know the conditions that rule such contracting of products through this ecommerce of food and accessories for pets. This way you know the rights and obligations of both parties.


Animalcity.es puts at the disposal of the clients a great selection of products and services for your pet. Fodder for dogs, food, accessories for pets and lots more. In order to know the characteristics of the products discover them by click/enter each of the items on our web site. The characteristics of the products may not be exact to the ones specified on the website. The pictures of the products may vary slightly regarding the ones shown on the web.


Customer service telephone: 952 962 581

Through the web: in the section “Contact us”

Email: info@animalcity.es

All the returns will be sent to the following postal address:

Animalcity.es, Crta. Azucarera-Intelhorce Nave 106, Pol. Ind. Guadalhorce, 29004 Málaga

Products with defects, harmed during transport and/or sent incorrectly:
Any item with defects can be returned by the buyer to Aninmalcity.es within 14 days maximum from receiving the product.Animalcity.es  will cover the cost of the return, putting at disposal of the client our  courier service  free of charge. If the buyer wishes to handle the return with a different courier service than chosen by ANIMALCITY.ES the costs will be for the client.

The faulty products have to be returned in the original packaging if there were so, and in any case inside a box or a protecting bag. If evidence of harm responsibility to manipulation  during transport, please state the incidence  on the voucher of delivery from the courier and notify us.

Under no circumstances there will be reimbursement for products that have not been purchased on our web site or those damaged by inappropiate uso or clear negligence of the buyer. The amount of the faulty products will be totally reimbursed by Animalcity.es to the buyer as soon as possible, once received and processed the return, through the following channels:

  • Bank transfer to the account number indicated by the client
  • Paypal (in case the client used this method)

Alternatively, the buyer may opt to receive other identical product(s) without any further charge communicating with us by any of the existing channels within 14 days as established by law.

In case of products harmed during delivery by the courier, the buyer must check the product and notify the incidence in a period of no more than 24 hours after receiving the order.

According to the law of commerce for retailers, statutes of consumers and other competent legislation, in virtue to the right of desisting, the client may return the received products if not found up to expectation, within 14 days counting from the day of receiving. Out of this period, animalcity.es reserves its right to turn down any return.

In order to execute the right it is obligatory that the product is in excellent condition, preserving all pieces, accessories and manuals in any case. You must notify us of your decision of desisting the purchase as soon as possible, by an unmistakeable statement through postal service or by email to info@animalcity.es (or by using the method hereby indicated) stating the following;

  • Purchase number
  • Name of products
  • Reason of return
  • Copy of the invoice

The reimbursement will be effective once checked the perfect state of the merchandise, by the same method of payment used by the buyer and as soon as possible, in any case, the reimbursement will be made within 14 days after receiving Animalcity.es the package. The cost of return derived from the exercise of the right to desist will be entirely for the buyer.

No desisting admitted upon articles that can deteriorate or expire quickly, or products not suitable for return because of health protection or hygiene after opening. In case the product does not arrive in perfect conditions Aimalcity.es reserves the right to credit an inferior amount due to depreciation of its value.

Change products:
Animalcity.es does not admit change. If you wish to change a product, you must require a reimbursement ( if and when this may be possible according to our return policy) and place a new order.

Cancelling orders:
The order can be cancelled or modified by the buyer without any additional cost, if and when it has not been handled, simply informing us of the changes to be made.


The prices of the products and services from Animalcity.es include the corresponding actual VAT in Spain.  The price of each item is the one specified at all times on the website. The prices in the pet shop may vary, as well as special offers may.

From Animalcity.es we reserve the right to modify the prices and sales conditions of the products, however, we will always respect and apply the conditions and the prices established at the moment that the order is placed through the online store. The shipment costs are not included in the price.

Marked prices are valid except for typographical errors.


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To buy a product from our online petshop animalcity.es or in the physical pet shop you just have to follow some simple steps which we will explained as follows:

1.- Look for the chosen product in the catalogue of our online petshop.

2.- Choose the products that you want to buy by selecting “to the basket”

3.- Push the green button “go to basket” if you want to finalize your purchase.

4.- Push the blue button “go to pay now” to continue with the buying process

5.- FIll in the registry form or create a new account to be able to the later follow up of your order. You must complete the fields like Name, Last Name, Username or password.

6.- Fill in the field ADDRESS to be able to send the package to your home or any other address inicated.

7.- Transport; on the next page you must choose transport method according to the emergency and the localization.

8.- Next you will have to choose payment method amongst all the possibilities given.

9.- Confirmation and acceptance of the general conditions and privacy policy from Animalcity.es will be requested

10.- When finalizing the process of purchasing you will receive in your mailbox an email of confirmation with the details of your order.


In Animalcity.es you can manage the automatic periodic purchasing. An ideal service to programm your purchases for your pet and that way benefit of big advantages, discounts, raffles, presents, etc.


From Animalcity.es we would like to facilitate your online shoping in our pet shop and therefore we provide several modalities of payment for you to realize your online shopping easy from home.

Cash on delivery:
Pay directly at home upon delivery of your package. This method has an additional charge of 4,50€ on the purchase because of the commission of the carier service company.

Deposit on our bank account:
You can pay your purchase with a bank deposit on our account:

– Targobank: IBAN ES64 0216 1992 61 0600007629

– BBVA: IBAN ES80 0182 4102 92 0201670094

If you choose payment by bank deposit you will receive an email with the instructions to follow and the details for the deposit. As concept you must put full name and purchase number in order to identify your payment correctly. This is one of the most fluent methods as the money is received nearly immediately and the package can be sent the same day. Cheques or similar are not accepted.

A very simple method to be performed from your bank or your virtual office through internet. Once selected this payment method you will receive all the details for the payment. Remember to put in concept the purchase number and the full name. Bank transfers take 24/48 H to be effective, so the package will be sent as soon as the bank confirmes the payment.

– Targobank: IBAN ES64 0216 1992 61 0600007629

– BBVA: IBAN ES80 0182 4102 92 0201670094

Credit card:
This is one of the fastest and securest payment methods. Use the secure payment of animalcity.es to realize your purchase. We don’t manipulate any sensible client data as they are directly dealt with by the receiving bank. At no time we access client bank details. This way we guarantee your security.

Realize secure payment with your paypal account. This payment method is one of the securest avoiding giving any sensible data. Paypal payments have an additional 4% cost on the purchase amount due to the company´s commission policy on payment.

Choose the payment method that suits you best and enjoy shopping at the best online pet shop animalcity.es.

In case of any doubt you can write to info@animalcity.es or call 952962581


According to the law of commerce for retailers, statutes of consumers and other competent legislation, the products can be returned or reimbursed within 7 days of purchasing counting from the day of receiving the product. Animalcity.es will have to be previously notified by email to info@animalcity.es.

In mentioned email the given information must contain your order number, the name of the products you are returning, and the reason of return. The merchandising must be in the same condition as it was sent to you with all accessories and manuals, including a copy of the invoice and a brief note stating the reason you are requesting return or change. The cost of the dispatch for these articles and the later sending will be for the buyer, who will bear those costs.

Being notified out of period the company reserves the right to turn down any return or change claimed for products that are not faulty.

Animalcity.es offers a 2 year-guarantee from the moment of delivery of the product in the terms and conditions stipulated according to the current legal setting.

Except when proof given, the delivery is found executed the day of the bill or ticket of purchase, or in the corresponding delivery note if it were later.

The seller is obliged to hand out to the client or user who exercises his right to repair or substitution,  documental justification of delivery of the product, stating the date of delivery and the lack of approval originated by the exercise of right.

Likewise, together with the  repaired or substituted  product, the seller will hand out to the customer or user  documental justification of delivery of the product stating the date and in its case of  the reparation commited.

The consumer and user must inform the seller of non approval  in the period of 2 months from the moment of awareness. Failure to fulfill this period will not mean loss of the right to the corresponding write-down, being the responsibility of the consumer and user, however,  of the damages that are effectively caused by delay of communication.

Unless proven otherwise,  it is understood that the consumers´and users´communication has taken place in the established period.

AS for the cost of delivery and reception it always will be charged to the buyer.

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